the world according to Owen Colgan.. part 2

By owen colgan

And here we are, for the second week running. Owen Colgan has taken over Boneyard HQ and locked himself inside. It’s midnight. He taps away at the typewriter, a single bead of sweat dripping from his brow. His bloodshot eyes, twitching. His mouth, frothing. He pounds excitedly at the keys and laughs wildly under the […]

howes about now

By Howe Gelb

This weeks rag is written by our man in Tucson Arizona, and honorary native of Omagh, the one and only Mr Howe Gelb. Take it away Howe….. Time & space are a funny thing. If it’s not one, it’s the other. Next thing ya know ya wake up in Scranton getting a fist fulla Guinness […]

A Long Long Road

By Mark McKowski

It’s a long way to wherever it is I’m going. Time to hit the road. After it’s too early. Before it’s too late. The destination is anywhere but where I am right now. And tomorrow it will be somewhere else. Somewhere a little further down the road.. I don’t stay anywhere too long. Comfort is […]

Sunday morning

By Mark McKowski

Some asshole opened the curtains, foolishly letting the sunlight in to > slice the dark atmosphere. This caused a ripple of moans that spread > across the dank room until the culprit realised his mistake and > quickly closed the curtains tight. That brief beam of sunshine was > the unwelcome guest, bursting into the […]

Celticly Connected

By Mark McKowski

Ok. Bear with me on this one. I’m about to go deep. But theres a point in here… somewhere. This stuff has been circling in my mind for some time now.. I’m trying to figure out the formula, or the recipe. The ingredients are all there, stewing in the brain. I Just need to write […]

The witching hour

By Mark McKowski

The piano strikes a chord. It’s like someone just switched the light on. The still room has now come to life. Drinks spill and glasses smash. Nobody seems to mind. The piano guy is taking everyone along for the ride, whipping them into a frenzy. Yes. The piano guy knows what he is doing. Lunacy […]

So now what?

By Mark McKowski

For a couple of days I’ve been an empty shell. Waking up and jumping out of bed at 5am with a sense of urgency, only to realise that there is nothing to get up for. The circus has left town. The movie is in the can. Everybody is gone. So I go back to the […]

A day at the yard

By Mark McKowski

The sky was red for a long time. Then it was black. I couldn’t tell how long I’d been standing there looking up. Or if it was morning or night. I began to walk but I didn’t know which direction I was headed. I had no idea where, or who I was. I kept walking, […]


  1. Genuis of the Crowd McKowski 2:21
  2. The Crunch McKowski 3:45

Awkward but social

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